KN95 Face Mask

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KN95 Face Mask

Postby quentinvondracek » Thu Apr 23, 2020 7:38 am

KN95 Face Mask have been accredited as being of the highest quality and the most trustworthy in the industry. Our company also have been highly acclaimed by our customers and our business partners in Asia, Europe, and North America.
During the epidemic, it is recommended to wear medical surgical masks for those medical staff working in ordinary outpatient wards and places with more personnel.
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Re: KN95 Face Mask

Postby torriwilson » Wed Jul 29, 2020 9:27 pm

3 Quality Tests for KN95 Masks You Can Do At Home

Test #1 Sweet and Low


Wear your face mask

Void the parcel of Sweet and Low onto a spoon or level surface

Have a go at sniffing with the mask on to check the amount you can smell


Confirmed Quality: If you can just faintly smell the scent

Low quality: If you can recognize a solid aroma

Clarification: A guaranteed mask can channel particles of at any rate 3 microns at a pace of 95%. Sweet N Low particles are around 7 microns, so on the off chance that you smell the particles well with the mask on, the filtration might be ineffectual.

Test #2 Lighter


Wear your face mask

Hold and turn on the lighter six inches from your mouth

Attempt to put the fire out by blowing on it


Ensured Quality: If you can't victory the fire by any means.

Low quality: If you can put the fire out.

Clarification: An ensured mask is made of solid however breathable full work nylon that needs to fulfill the guideline of inspiratory and expiratory obstruction. In this way, the material ought to hypothetically forestall infections during breathing in and breathing out while permitting air to flow.

Test #3 Water


Hold your face mask by the versatile groups with within the mask looking up

Fill the mask with water


Ensured Quality: If the mask contains the water with no spillage.

Low quality: If the water spills from the mask.

Clarification: The material of an ensured mask must have a waterproof layer to shield the wearer from sprinkles. As indicated by OSHA, your mask can be washed and reused as long as it holds its structure and the channel material isn't truly harmed.

During this pandemic, it is exceptionally essential to focus on subtleties as they can cost somebody's life. You need to ensure the material is breathable, waterproof, and has the right filtration rate.

KN95 Masks
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